The Very Big Corporation Of America

Type Corporation

Featured in Monty Python's The Meaning of Life

The Very Big Corporation Of America is a corporation featured in Monty Python's The Meaning of Life.

Overview[edit | edit source]

The corporation owns various businesses, listed below:

  • Acme Construction Company
  • Payne, Bickers and Dogood Ltd.
  • Stn. Pendons Ltd.
  • V. Rich and Son
  • Doneys (Florence)
  • Mirage Land Co.
  • Arctic Geo. Lab. Co.
  • Liver Donors Inc.
  • World Wide Wine Corp.
  • Universal Amalgamations Ltd.
  • Consolidated Steel Co.
  • Micro Computer Inc.
  • Moonscape Products Ltd.
  • Rubber Goods Incorporated
  • D.Odgey Enterprises Ltd.
  • Money Factor Printers Ltd.
  • Better Plastics Corps.
  • D. Crepid Holdings
  • Super Big Ltd.
  • Space Propulsion Lab
  • Interstellar Travel Corp.
  • Dawking's Mining Co.
  • Lange and Sons (International)
  • Cooper's (Purveyors)
  • Dickinson Kincain Association
  • The All Enveloping Co. Ltd.
  • O. Verpaid Associates Ltd.
  • E. Normons and Sons
  • A. Maze and Lee
  • Huge Horace Mann and Yure Ltd.
  • R. Devious Inc.
  • Wakefeld and Daughter
  • Vast Holdings (Europe) Ltd.
  • Phil Thevich Consortium
  • Fastness and Vast Co. Ltd
  • Star Bright Merchandise Org.
  • X. Tortion World Wide Ltd.
  • Cartwright Tutorials
  • Black and White Picture Co. Ltd.
  • R. J. McArthur Parks Ltd.
  • Walker, Walker and Jones Bros.
  • Data Travel and Experiments

Gallery[edit | edit source]

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