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Oceanic Airlines, Oceanic Airways or Oceanic Air is an airline company most prominent in Lost but featured in several other media. The various media that Oceanic Airlines appear in do not have a connection with each other, the airline company is mostly used as a nod to Lost or appears due to the reuse of stock footage.

Overview Edit

Before Lost, the most prominent use of Oceanic Airways was in the 1996 film Executive Decision. The film's producers shot extensive footage of two actual Boeing 747s with Oceanic Airways logo and livery (but not the same logo used later on Lost). This stock footage has been reused in several films and television programs, spreading the Oceanic Airlines brand across various otherwise unrelated fictional universes.

Appearances Edit

Executive Decision Edit

Oceanic Flight 343 from Athens to Washington, D.C. was hijacked by a terrorist. Stock footage from this film was used in X Files, JAG, Diagnosis Murder, and The War at Home.

Castle Edit

Richard and Alexis Castle fly on Oceanic Air in "In Plane Sight".

Category 6: Day of Destruction Edit

Stock footage from Executive Decision was used in the film.

Chuck Edit

Chuck mentions Oceanic Airlines flight 815 while he is flashing, but the details of the crash were inaccurate.

Crossing Jordan Edit

Oceanic Airlines is mentioned in "Conspiracy", an episode that aired prior to Lost being premiered.

Daredevil (comic) Edit

Oceanic Airlines advertisement on a cab in the opening page of issue 104.

Diagnosis Murder Edit

Stock footage from Executive Decision was used in "Murder in the Air".

FlashForward Edit

A billboard of the company appears in "No More Good Days".

Ap-Fringe Fringe – "The Dreamscape" (S01E09) Edit

Mark Young had a ticket to fly between New York and Omaha, however, the airline is Oceanic Air.

Ap-Fringe Fringe – "Making Angels" (S04E11) Edit

Ap-Futurama Futurama – "Möbius Dick" (S08E08) Edit

A part of a Oceanic Air plane wreckage can be seen in the spaceship graveyard in the Möbius Dick episode of Futurama.

The Goldbergs Edit

In the episode "The President's Fitness Test", Barry falls in love with Erica's French Pen Pal, who comes visiting. When she leaves, Barry follows her to the airport, to Oceanic Airlines' terminal. The logos for the airline are different from the traditional, but that may be accounted for by The Goldbergs being set back in the early to mid 1980s.

JAG Edit

Stock footage from Executive Decision was used in "Vanished".

Lost Edit

The show explores the aftermath of the crash of Oceanic Flight 815.

Ap-OnceUponATime Once Upon A Time – "The Stranger" (S01E20) Edit

Pinocchio is startled by an airplane bearing the Oceanic Airlines logo in "The Stranger".

The War at Home Edit

Stock footage from Executive Decision was used in "The West Palm Beach Story".

What If? Spider-Man vs. Wolverine Edit

The logo of the airline can be seen on a sign in issue 1.

The Wolf Among Us Edit

The company's name appears on several taxi cabs throughout the game.

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