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Featured in 200 Cigarettes
American Horror Story
Breaking Bad
Beverly Hills, 90210
Broken Saints
Brooklyn Rules
Buffy the Vampire Slayer
Burn Notice
Cold Case
Criminal Minds
Definitely, Maybe
The Dick Van Dyke Show
Everybody Hates Chris
Freddy Got Fingered
Gone Home
Gun Shy
The House on Greenapple Road
Jake 2.0
Joy Ride 2: Dead Ahead
Judging Amy
Killer Instinct
The L Word
Malcolm in the Middle
The Middle
Mission: Impossible
Murder's Row
Murder in the First
The Naked City
Nash Bridges
New Amsterdam
The Outer Limits
Prison Break
Prozac Nation
Pushing Daisies
S. Darko
Saving Grace
Sordid Lives: The Series
Space: Above and Beyond
Special Unit 2
Spy Game
The Strain
System Shock 2
That '70s Show
The Traveler
The Twilight Zone
Up All Night
The Walking Dead
Warehouse 13
The World's End
The X-Files

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Morley is a cigarette brand mostly based on Marlboro but there are several other pack designs. They appear in various TV shows, films and even video games.

Etruscan horse Morley appearances Edit

Psycho Edit

At the end of the film, psychiatrist Dr. Fred Richman tells the story of what really happened and shakes a cigarette out of a pack of Morleys. This film was released June 16, 1960 and is currently the earliest known sighting of the Morley brand.

The Twilight Zone Edit

In "Nightmare at 20,000 Feet" William Shatner pulls out a pack of Morley cigarettes and almost lights one until his wife points out the 'No Smoking' sign illuminated on the plane.

Friends Edit

Chandler can be seen holding a pack of these in the episode "The One Where Rachel Smokes".

Other Etruscan appearances Edit

  • Naked City "Tombstone for a Derelict"
  • Mission: Impossible "Operation 'Heart'"
  • Mannix "All Around the Money Tree"
  • Seinfeld "The Invitations"

Red box Morley appearances Edit

Beverly Hills, 90210 Edit

A pack of Morley cigarettes falls out of Brenda Walsh's handbag in "The Back Story". This is the earliest appearance of the Marlboro style pack.

The X-Files Edit

The Cigarette Smoking Man smokes this brand. In "Brand X", Mulder and Scully visit Morley Tobacco's headquarters after one of the employees is murdered.

Burn Notice Edit

Madeline Westen, the mother of main character Michael Westen, smokes menthol Morley cigarettes as seen in "Blind Spot" and "Reckoning".

Appearances that were close Edit

Frasier Edit

In Frasier "Morning Becomes Entertainment", the pack design is the same, but the name of the brand is Adler.

The L-Word Edit

The L-Word "Lap Dance" and "Lunar Cycle" have packs that look a lot like the red box Morley, but Morley is spelled in all capital letters where the red box is in title case.

Other appearances Edit

The Dick Van Dyke Show Edit

In The Dick Van Dyke Show "Sally is a Girl", the Morley cigarettes were candy.

Killer Instinct Edit

Killer Instinct "Game Over" has a pack that is red with a horizontal white stripe.

The Strain Edit

The Strain "The Third Rail" has a pack that is white with vertical gold stripes.

Gone Home Edit

A packet can be found on the top shelf of Sam's locker.

System Shock 2 Edit

Packets of Morley cigarettes are an item within the game. Essentially useless, when smoked they cause the player character to lose health.

Mention Edit

Judging Amy Edit

In Judging Amy "Can They Do That With Vegetables?", the company is mentioned in court but no pack is shown.

See also Edit

Gallery Edit

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