Meichtry Draft

Type Beer

Featured in Wilfred
The Big Lebowski
Raising Hope
The Walking Dead

Meichtry Draft is a brand of beer featured in The Big Lebowski, Raising Hope, That 70's Show and The Walking Dead.

Appearances Edit

The Neighborhood - (S02 E09)

Ap-RaisingHope Raising Hope – "Mongooses" (S01E17) Edit

TheJimmy, Virginia, Burt and Sabrina drink Meichtry Draft and Heisler Beer while hiding in the attic.

Ap-WalkingDead The Walking Dead – "Dead Weight" (S04E07) Edit


Shameless Edit

  • Can I Have A Mother? (S02 Ep06): Lip drinks it.

That '70s Show Edit

Almost every episode of the series. Red Forman has a fridge full of it in his garage.

Ap-Movie The Big Lebowski Edit

The Dude drinks Meichtry Draft in the car.

Ap-Movie Monster Edit

Aileen and Selby drink six-packs of Meichtry Draft in their hotel room.

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