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"Marra Brasil, the future at a glance"
-Marra Brasil Motto[src]
Marra Brasil

Marra Brasil, the future at a glance


"Marra Brasil, the future at a glance"

Location Silicon Valley, California, USA
Rio de Janeiro/RJ, Brazil

Type Technology
Phone Company

Owners Jonas Marra (founder and CEO)

Featured in Geração Brasil

Marra Brasil (formerly Marra Internacional) is a biggest tecnology company (one of the biggest tecnology companies of the world) and the main focus of 2014 Brazilian telenovela Geração Brasil


The famous Jonas Marra (Murilo Benício) lives in the legendary Silicon Valley in California. He is a Brazilian computer genius and entrepreneur who left Brazil at a very young age in search of financing for his invention called the "Bro," which is a low-cost computer that eventually revolutionized the global computer industry during the 1980s.

Once in the United States, the land of opportunity, Jonas, with his undeniable intelligence and business acumen, created the Marra Corporation. This tech company became renowned worldwide within the span of two years. Marra's professional success was also replicated on the personal front as he finally married Pamela Parker (Claudia Abreu), who was also an American sweetheart and heir to the largest TV channel in the country. Jonas Marra, therefore, reached the pinnacle of success.

For 20 years, Marra ran his company and lived with his family happily. The couple had a daughter, their "princess" Megan (Isabelle Drummond). She was, however, more of wild, rebellious girl and her controversial escapades are daily fixtures of the gossip newspapers. Marra and his wife, thus, had to work hard keeping their daughter out of trouble.

Now, through the years, Marra became an iconic like Steve Jobs and Bill Gates, and his position and decisions within the tech industry has never been questioned. However, one day, Marra Corporation's shareholders decided that the company needs a new blood to infuse new energy so it can cope and compete in a rapidly changing tech industry. For this purpose, they asked for Marra's retirement.

Irreducible, Jonas, drawing from his vast 42 years of experience, set up a radical move and announced a surprising decision: he will transfer the Marra Corporation headquarters to Brazil. The decision became headline news from around the world. In a move that further triggered shock, Marra revealed that he will search for a genius of digital engineering in his home country to become his successor.

Meanwhile, in Rio de Janeiro, the young Davi (Humberto Carrão) was working hard to get his project gain traction. Like Jonas, he was also of humble origin and believed that access to information should be democratized. Thus, he created the "Junior," a tool for the teaching of computer programming techniques. All the inspiration for the invention came from Plugging, an NGO dedicated to the digital inclusion of disadvantaged children, located in Gambiarra, district of Rio's West Zone. Through Plugging, David had his first contact with a computer, and that is also where he began teaching himself to become a computer expert. Since then, David also wanted other children to enjoy a better opportunity to learn technology and he developed the "ba-bê will" programming, which has hardly opportunity without first Herval, founder of the NGO.

In Recife, in search of so-called "angels," David puts the "Junior" in the backpack and grab the chance to show it off to investors. Upon arrival at the "Digital Reef" Davi know Manu (Chandelly Braz), beautiful Recife, a beast in computer and games. It is the world of games that the two will be closer than you think. Behind their avatars and nicknames, be impressed with the opponent's skills, not realizing who is on the other side of the screen. The two will be very close when they are selected to participate in the Marra Brazil contest. With over 12 young people, Davi and Manu will by several technological challenges, having to prove their capabilities to Jonas. In the final bout, Manu and Davi have to face in creating a killer app. Breaking rules and by now in love, the two have a single project, putting Jonas against the wall: either hire the two, or both fall out. Angry with the handling and amazed at the ability of the duo, Jonas proposes an extra challenge: the two will have to do the pumping application in a short time to replay.


The headquaters of Marra Brasil

The former headquaters of Marra in Silicon Valley, California

One of most famous products of Marra Brasil, the MarraFone Clear

Another famous product of Marra Brasil, the MarraPhone BeenMarra6

The famous tablet of Marra Brasil, MarraTablet Clear

The new tablet of Marra Brasil, MarraTablet Tornado5

The high tech headhones of Marra Brasil, MarraTradutor Babel1

Jonas Marra (the founder and CEO of Marra Brasil/Marra International


  • Marra Brasil is a parody of Apple, one of big tecnology companies in the world.
    • Jonas Marra (the founder and CEO of Marra Brasil), is a parody of Steve Jobs, one of the founders of Apple.