Lariat Rent-A-Car
Location USA

Type Car rental

Featured in Breaking Bad
Veronica Mars
The X-Files
Prison Break

Lariat Rent-A-Car (also known as Lariat Auto Rentals in Supernatural and Lariat Rental Car in Veronica Mars) is a car rental company located throughout the United States. The company was mainly featured in The X-Files and made cameo appearances in Breaking Bad, Supernatural and Veronica Mars.

Appearances[edit | edit source]

  • Ap-BreakingBad.png Breaking Bad – "To'hajiilee" (S05E13)
  • Ap-Supernatural.png Supernatural – "Time Is On My Side" (S03E15)
  • Ap-VeronicaMars.png Veronica Mars – "Rat Saw God" (S02E06)
  • Prison Break - "S. O. B." (S04E19)

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