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Jekyll Island

Type Beer and root beer producer

Featured in Burn Notice
House of Payne
My Name is Earl
The Rules of Attraction
The L Word Generation Q

Jekyll Island is a brand of beer created by Independent Studio Services as a prop for several TV shows, such as Lost, Dexter and Burn Notice.


The brand produces lager, red ale and a root beer. The brewery is supposed to be in the Caribbean, but the real Jekyll Island is one of the Sea Islands off the coast of Georgia, USA.


Burn Notice[]

In the episode "Breach of Faith", Jekyll Island Red Ale is seen at a bar in The Bahamas.

Ap-Community.png Community – "Origins of Vampire Mythology" (S03E15)[]

Dean Pelton brings a six pack of Jekyll Island Root Beer and a bag of Let's Potato Chips with him to Troy and Abed's apartment.

Ap-Community.png Community – "Emotional Consequences of Broadcast Television" (S06E13)[]


Jekyll Island Lager is seen in the episode, "Born Free."

House of Payne[]

In the episode "I Don't Know This Payne", a six pack of Jekyll is shared over pizza by Curtis and his neighbor.

Lost []

In the episode "The Lie," Frank Lapidus retrieves bottles of Jekyll Island Red Ale from a refrigerator on a boat.

Melissa and Joey[]

In the episode "House Broken," Mel gives Joe a 6 pack with 5 bottles of Jekyll Island Red Ale.

My Name is Earl[]

In the episode "Stole P's HD Cart" (S01E13) Earl and Ralph are seen drinking many cans of Jekyll Island Red Ale outside a drive-thru just before being offered $200 to steal P's HD Cart.

New Girl[]

In the episode "Dance" (S03E22) Schmidt is seen drinking a bottle of Jekyll Island Red Ale at the Griffin bar.

Brooklyn Nine-Nine[]

In the episode "Suicide Squad" (S06E18) Rosa is seen toasting Terry in Shaws bar with a bottle of Jekyll Island red ale

Prison Break[]

In the episode "Sweet Caroline" (S02E19) about 34 minutes in, Derek Sweeney gives Lincoln Burrows a 6-pack of Jeyll Island Red Ale.

The L Word Generation Q[]

About 34 minutes in of episode “Lean on Me” (S02E02), Finley appears carrying and drinking from a 6-pack of Jekyll Island Red Ale.

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