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J. Darby

A Darby man never says when.

Location Isle of Skye, Scotland, UK

Type Scotch whiskey

Featured in Black Jesus
The Good Neighbor

J. Darby is a brand of Scotch whiskey made by Independent Studio Services featured in various TV series such as Ray Donovan, Black Jesus, Community, Goliath and Lost. The whiskey is distilled at Skadden & Darby Distillery on the Isle of Skye in Scotland.


Star Trek: Picard - S2E7 - Monsters[]

Bottle of J. Darby visible on Guinan’s Los Angeles bar. (40.12)

Dallas - Season 1 Episode 5 (1978) - Barbeque[]

At the Ewing family reunion, JR is seen drinking shots from a bottle of J. Darby bourbon (at around the 32:00 mark)

TheOffice.png The Office – "Training Day" (S07E20)[]

J. Darby Bottle can be found behind the bar while Michael and Deangeleo talk.

NashvilleLogo.png Nashville – "I Don't Want to Lose You Yet" (S06E14)[]

Daphne finds a bottle of J Darby Bourbon Whiskey in her grandfather's room.

NashvilleLogo.png Nashville – "Pick Yourself Up" (S06E09)[]

Avery pours a glass of J Darby Whiskey for Alannah.

Ap-BlackJesus.png Black Jesus – "Never Say When" (S02E08)[]

Lloyd becomes the spokesperson and promotional talent for J. Darby.

Malcolm in the Middle - 'Stilts' (S06E20)

Hart of Dixie - "Together Again" (S03E20)[]

Wade and Lemon are drinking the J. Darby because he's disappointed about the break up with Vivian.

Hart of Dixie - "Stuck" (S03E21)[]

Empty bottle in Earls house.

Ap-Community.png Community – "Bondage and Beta Male Sexuality" (S05E07)[]

Hickey pulls a bottle from his desk drawer to share with Abed.

Ap-Community.png Community – "Ladders" (S06E01)[]

Jeff is seen drinking this whiskey multiple times in this episode.

Ap-Community.png Community – "Basic Email Security" (S06E06)[]

On the table during the press conference.

Ap-Community.png Community – "Advanced Safety Features" (S06E07)[]

In Jeff's office.

Ap-Community.png Community – "Grifting 101" (S06E09)[]

Jeff and Professor DeSalvo are seen drinking this several times in this episode.

Ap-Community.png Community – "Wedding Videography" (S06E12)[]

In Annie, Abed and Britta's apartment.

Ap-LastManStanding.png Last Man Standing – "Rediscover America" (S04E03)[]

Ed and Mike drink the whiskey by the fire.

Ap-Lost.png Lost – "Outlaws" (S01E16)[]

Sawyer and Kate played a game of "I never" with 2 bottles of spirits Sawyer stole from the plane wreckage. One of these bottles was of J. Darby whiskey.

Ap-Lost.png Lost – "Live Together, Die Alone" (S02E23)[]

Desmond drank a bottle of J. Darby bourbon whiskey as he contemplated suicide in the hatch.

Ap-Life.png Life – "Mirror Ball" (S02E14)[]

Captain Tidwell pours his whiskey in the kitchen drain.

Ap-NCIS.png NCIS – "Better Angels" (S11E07)[]

Ducky is drinking J. Darby.

Ap-NCIS.png NCIS – "Cabin Fever" (S12E15)[]

Fornell has J. Darby in his cupholder when he is pulled over for drunk driving.

Ap-PrettyLittleLiars.png Pretty Little Liars – "Charlotte's Web" (S06E12)[]

Ezra offers Aria some J. Darby.

Ap-RayDonovan.png Ray Donovan – "Come and Knock on Our Door" (S03E03)[]

Ray brings a bottle of J. Darby when Terry is released from prison.

Ap-RayDonovan.png Ray Donovan – "Federal Boobie Inspector " (S04E04)[]

Abby is drinking from a bottle of J. Darby at home at the end of the episode.


(S01E02) Billy McBride takes a drink from a bottle of J. Darby 15 at 5 min 7 at the beach and the pours the rest out.

(S02E02) At 18.42 Lucy is shown clearing empty bottles of J.Darby from Billy's apartment.

The Vampire Diaries[]

1912 (S05E16)

Rebekah Mikaelson drinks a bottle of this at the bar of the Mystic Grill with Stefan and Damon Salvatore.

Dead Man On Campus (S05E08)

Katherine Pierce steals a bottle of J. Darby from behind the bar of the Mystic Grill and proposes drinking it with Stefan Salvatore.

Post Cards From The Edge (S07E12)

There is a bottle sitting on the bar while Julian is threatening to kill Damon with a broken pool cue.

Life in Pieces[]

(S03E14) "Parents Ancestry Coupon Chaperone" . Jen is adding J.Darby to her coffee out of frustration in talking to her parents.

Hawaii Five-0[]

(S09E06) "Aia i Hi'ikua; i Hi'ialo"  Adam is drinking a bottle of J. Darby 12 year old scotch whiskey when we first see him in his house.

Lucifer (S03E23) "Quintessential Deckerstar"[]

11.05 Lucifer and Amatiel share a bottle of J. Darby at the bar.

Lucifer (S05E09) "Family Dinner"[]

50.11 Mazikeen drinks straight from J. Darby's bottle at the bar, while conversing with Mikael.

Dead to Me (S01E08) "Try To Stop Me"

Jen and Judy were sitting by the pool sharing a bottle of J. Darby 15 year old scotch.

Dead to Me (S02E08) "It Had To Be You"

Jen and Judy are talking in Jen's kitchen and a bottle of J. Darby is sitting on the counter next to them.

Hawaii 5-0 (S10E13) "Loa'a pono ka 'iole i ka punana"

In private club whisky room there is 25 year's old wooden box with money.

Bosch (S02E06) "Heart Attack"

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