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Type Beer

Featured in 2 broke girls
3: The Dale Earnhardt Story
Accidentally on Purpose
American Pie Presents: Band Camp
Bionic Woman
Blue Bloods
Blue Mountain State
Blue Collar TV
Brooklyn Nine-Nine
Burn Notice
Criminal Minds
CSI: Crime Scene Investigation
CSI: Miami
Dark Blue
Desperate Housewives
Eli Stone
Everybody Hates Chris
Fear the Walking Dead
Four Kings
Gary Unmarried
Ghost Whisperer
Ghost World
Gilmore Girls
Good Girls
Grace and Frankie
Happy Endings
Hart of Dixie
Hell Ride
House of Payne
How I Met Your Mother
How to get away with murder
It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia
Key and Peele
The League
Letters to God
Lie To Me
Mad Love
Malcolm in the Middle
Mike & Molly
My Name is Earl
New Girl
Parks and Recreation
The Finder
The Pretender
Pretty Little Liars
Prison Break
The Rainmaker
The Recruit
Raising Hope
Reno 911!
The Riches
Scream(TV Series)
Star Trek: Enterprise
Stealing Harvard
Still Standing
The Shield
Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles
Training Day
Trust Me
Two and a Half Men
Tyler Perry's House of Payne
Ugly Betty
The Unit
United States of Tara
The Vampire Diaries
Veronica Mars
White Collar
W/ Bob and David

Heisler Beer or Heisler Gold Ale is a brand of beer featured in many movies and TV shows due to the use of a prop. The brand is made by prop supplier Independent Studio Services.


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In Season 5 Episode 3 during a hangout between a group of high school and college students.

Accidentally on Purpose[]

In multiple episodes during the series.

Beer Fest[]

Just after the 45 min mark

Blue Mountain State[]

In every episode of Blue Mountain State many characters are seen drinking Heisler Beers.


In season 1 episode 18 during a hangout between one of the treasure hunters and Dr. Hodgins, they drink Heisler.

In Season 10, Episode 4, Booth puts two cans of Heisler in his beer hat in the final scene.

Brooklyn Nine Nine[]

In season 2 episode 6, Heisler shows up in a bar scene and later in a restaurant scene. It also shows up in a bar scene in season 2 episode 14.

In season 3 episode 2, Heisler is seen at Captain Dozerman's funeral.

In season 3 episode 20, Heisler is seen at Rosa's bachelorette party while they are at a restaurant.

Season 4, episode 16, Peralta and Amy are drinking it.

Burn Notice[]

Is Sam Axe's Beer of choice. Appears in many episodes.

Chicago P.D.[]

Season 5, episode 10, Bar scene.

Season 6, episode 22, Hot Dog scene.


In the third episode “98 Seconds” Katie Bowman (Sarah Wayne Callies) opens a case of Heisler beer.

Criminal Minds[]

Season 2, Episode 3.

CSI: Miami[]

In the episode "High Octane", Heisler beer bottles are collected from a crime scene and analyzed at the crime lab.

The Finder[]

In the episode "Swing and a Miss", Walter is found drinking a Heisler after a baseball game.

Fear the Walking Dead[]

A case is in the back of a military truck when the army leaves the Los Angeles safe zone.

Ghost Whisperer[]

Appears in "The Girl of His Dreams" (Season 2, Episode 3) during the poker game. It is the beer Jim and his friends are drinking.

In "Cat's Claw" it is in the refrigerator when Melinda opens it to get Jim a drink.

Ghost World[]

The character Doug buys them from the supermarket calling it "Nature's nectar, wake up juice".

Gilmore Girls[]

Seen in Season 1, Episode 14. Luke and Lorelai are drinking Heisler beer while picking out paint colors for his diner.


Seen in Season 3, Episode 19. Puck makes prom queen and king crowns from a Heisler box for him and Becky at the anti-prom.


Seen in the first and other episodes of the series.

Good Girls[]

Seen in the Season 1, Episode 6. Leslie is drinking Heisler with his Nana.

The Good Place[]

In Season 3, Episode 2, a beer tap lever with the Heisler logo can be seen at a restaurant bar.

Janet is seen pouring Heisler beer in "Everything Is Bonzer" (Season 3, episode 1)

Happy Endings[]

Heisler is the beer most often seen at the bar or the homes of the characters.

Hart of Dixie[]

Seen in many episodes, mostly consumed by Wade Kinsella

Hell Ride[]

Bikers are seen throwing empty Heisler bottles into a grave.


In the episode "Strange Attractors", Matt Parkman drinks a bottle of Heisler Gold Ale, which affects Sylar, who is trapped in Matt's mind.

I Think You Should Leave[]

Several cans can be seen around the Garfield party house, in "We Used to Watch this at My Old Work".

It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia[]

Appears in Season 10, Episode 1; "The Gang Beats Boggs", as well as Season 11, Episode 9; "The Gang Goes to Hell".

The League[]

Appears throughout Season 2. In Taco's Notary commercial the "terrorist" is holding a Heisler after Taco stamps him. Season 6, Episode 11. Pete grabs a Heisler Gluten-Free beer from the fridge.


In multiple episodes.

Lie To Me[]

Cal Lightman can be seen drinking a Heisler as Clara comes to his house. Season 2 Episode 17.


Bob is seen sleeping next to empty bottles of Heisler on the Red Pony's fireplace in Season 2 Episode 10.


Pierce brings Chloe some six-packs in "The Angel of San Bernardino".

Mr. Mercedes[]

In season 2 Episode 10 Bill Hodges has a beer with the ADA at a bar while discussing the trial of Brady, the Mr.Mercedes killer.

Malcolm In the Middle[]

Hal's high school buddy throws him a Heisler as he opens the front door. Season 4 Episode 14.

The Mentalist

Scene with bikers in Oakland at an outdoor table at night. Season 3 episode 11

My Name Is Earl[]

Heisler beer is seen in many episodes and frequently consumed by characters in the local bar which is known as the Crabshack.

New Girl[]

Heisler beer is seen in many episodes and frequently consumed by characters.

Palo Alto[]

Consumed in the movie.

Ap-ParksAndRec.png Parks and Recreation – "Fancy Party" (S03E09)[]

Bottles of Heisler and Penn Pavel's can be seen on a shelf at the party.

Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles[]

In season 1, episode 4 at 24:54. Actor Garret Dillahunt drinking a can of it in his apartment after a run in with the FBI.

The Pretender[]

In the episode "Murder 101", Jarod spikes a Heisler beer with a sedative in a plan to get a confession from two guilty students.

The Social Network[]

Bottles of Heisler are shown scattered around Mark Zuckerberg's apartment.

Training Day[]

As the rookie talks with some gangsters in the kitchen of a house in the ghetto, the gangsters are drinking Heisler.

Pretty Little Liars[]

In Season 5, Episode 7, Caleb brings Heisler beer to the his ex-girlfriend Hanna's house.

Prison Break[]

In the episode "The Message", the character Charles "Haywire" Patoshik purchases Heisler beer for two teenagers.

In the episode S4:E12 "Selfless", Mahone and Sucre enjoy a couple Heisler beers to celebrate the successful Scylla heist.

"The Rainmaker"[]

During the scene where Rudy Baylor is confronting Kelly Riker's husband, Cliff Riker, a fight ensues. Rudy and Cliff fall off a couch onto a coffee table with a bottle of Heisler Beer on it.

Ap-RaisingHope.png Raising Hope – "Mongooses" (S01E17)[]

Jimmy, Virginia, Burt and Sabrina drink Meichtry Draft and Heisler Beer while hiding in the attic.


S10E3 Dan putting it in the fridge


Appears in the Halloween special at the 19 minute mark


Appears in several episodes.

Small Town Crime[]

Appears several times in that movie directed by Eshom Nelms & Ian Nelms in 2017.

Star Trek: Enterprise[]

In the episode "Carpenter Street", Heisler beer can be seen in Loomis' refrigerator.

Switched at Birth[]

Appears in several episodes.


In the episode "If You Work For a Living, Then Why Do You Kill Yourself Working?", Heisler beer is consumed by a number of characters on Silas' 18th birthday.


Appears in a number of episodes, more than half of the episodes in the 7 season series features this company.

Criminal Minds[]

Season 02 Episode 03: A Heisler beer can is seen next to a microwave.

White Collar[]

Heisler beer is seen in many episodes and frequently consumed by characters.

The Vampire Diaries[]

In Season 1, Elena and Damon drink Heisler while in a bar in Georgia.

In Season 3, Episode 1, boxes of Heisler beer can be seen while setting up a party.

In Season 3, Episode 2, Matt and Jeremy drink Heisler while looking for Vicky.

In Season 3, Episode 9, Tyler carries a box of Heisler at the wake.

In Season 7, Episode 1, a box of Heisler is in the background of the Mystic Grill as Stefan packs things up in the restaurant after the town has been evacuated.

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