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Godzilla Chase is a fictional video game as seen in the Energizer Bunny commercials. It is made by a fictional video game company called Alienado. It is played on a fictional video game controller called Wanky Boy.


A dad and her daughter are playing Godzilla Chase on 2 Wanky Boy controllers. While the announcer tells the information about Godzilla Chase, the Energizer Bunny who is in 8-bit interrupts the commercial by marching across the 8-bit graphics. When he gets to Godzilla, he uses his mallet as a wand to shrink him down.


(The Godzilla Chase music is heard on the TV)

(We see a dad and her daughter playing Godzilla Chase on two Wanky Boy controllers)

Wanky Boy Announcer - “Godzilla Chase on the Wanky Boy! A chasing game for adults and kids. Will the player escape from Godzilla? Will the player use-”

(The 8-bit Energizer Bunny interrupts the commercial in the TV)

Announcer - “Still going! Long last the Energizer!”

(The Energizer Bunny uses his mallet as a wand to shrink Godzilla down)

Announcer - “Keep going and going!”


The commercial is similar to the Beauty and the Beast video game commercial.