Duff Beer

Can't get enough of that wonderful Duff!

Location Springfield, USA

Type Beer

Featured in The Simpsons
Family Guy

Duff Beer is Homer Simpson's favorite brand of beer in The Simpsons. The brand has its own mascot, Duffman. Fudd Beer is the main competitor of Duff Beer.

Variants[edit | edit source]

  • Duff ZERO (Alcohol-free Beer)[1]
  • Duff 200 ("Nothing But BOOZE!")[2]
  • Duff Adequate[3]
  • Duff Amber Fire
  • Duff Basement[4]
  • Duff Dark[5]
  • Duff Dry[6]
  • Duff Lite[7]
  • Duff Extra Cold[8]
  • Duff Stout ("The Beer That Made Ireland Famous")[9]
  • Duff Blue
  • Duff Red
  • Duff Ice
  • Duff Draft
  • Duff Malt
  • Duff Lager
  • Duff Christmas Ale
  • Duff Peanut Butter Lager
  • Duff Blue Ribbon
  • New McDuff Ale
  • Duff Gingerbread
  • Duff Tinsel
  • Duff Holo Beer
  • Duff Gordo
  • Canadian Duff avec Codeine
  • El Duffo, Cuban Duff. "El Duffo o Muerte!"[10]
  • Henry K. Duff's Private Reserve[11]
  • Lady Duff (The same beer as regular Duff, but in a pink can with a metallic magenta lid.)[12]
  • Raspberry Duff[13]
  • Tartar Control Duff[14]

Competing Brands[edit | edit source]

  • Fudd Beer A rival to Duff that is popular with less-sophisticated drinkers. When first seen,[15]it has a yellow-over-brown label, a longhorn steer skull on a red shield as its logo, and the text in thick black letters. When Homer mentions Fudd, Moe Szyslak remarks, "Fudd? I thought they took that off the market after all those hillbillies went blind."[16] The version served in Shelbyville[17] uses the same font and label as Duff Beer.
  • Hi-Braü Lager[18]
  • Red Tick Beer ("Suck One Dry")[19]
  • Skittlebrau ("The Beer With Candy In It")[20]

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Real brands of beer with the name Duff Beer have been created in a number of countries without permission or consent from its original creator, Matt Groening, and has resulted in legal battles with varying results.
  • In Stargate Atlantis, episode "Search and Rescue": Sheppard asks an as yet unseen rescue party whether they would prefer "Duff Beer or Oprah Ale" as a reward.

References[edit | edit source]

  1. Mentioned in Homer vs. the Eighteenth Amendment (Season 8, Episode 18). The brewers of Duff decide to be compliant with the local liquor ban. They make a non-alcoholic version of Duff because they believed their customers would still drink it for its taste. They soon had to shutter the brewery.
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