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Big Belly Burger
Location USA

Type Fast food restaurant

Owners LexCorp

Featured in DC comics
Batman: Arkham Origins

Big Belly Burger or Big Belly Burgers is a fast food restaurant chain featured in the DC comics, Arrow TV series and Batman: Arkham Origins. The chain is a subsidiary of LexCorp in the comics and a rival of O'Shaughnessy's.


DC Comics[]

Big Belly Burger's very first appearance was in Adventures of Superman #441 from June 1988.

Ap-Arrow.png Arrow – "Lone Gunmen" (S01E03)[]

Ap-Arrow.png Arrow – "An Innocent Man" (S01E04)[]

Ap-Arrow.png Arrow – "Darkness on the Edge of Town" (S01E22)[]

John brought Oliver and Tommy to a Big Belly Burger restaurant after they were beat up by Max Fuller's henchmen. John later came here for a meal, and for a chat with his sister-in-law, Carly, who was a waitress there. Oliver has also taken his younger sister Thea and his mother Moira there. Thea has even taken Roy Harper to eat there.

Ap-BatmanArkham.pngBatman: Arkham Origins[]

There are billboards throughout the city advertising the restaurant. There are also discarded burger wrappers and drinks in the Gotham City Police Department.

DC Universe Online[]

Ap-TheFlash.png The Flash – "Pilot" (S01E01)[]

Ap-TheFlash.png The Flash – "Things You Can't Outrun" (S01E03) (mentioned)[]

Ap-TheFlash.png The Flash – "Flash vs. Arrow" (S01E08)[]

Ap-TheFlash.png The Flash – "Revenge of the Rogues" (S01E10)[]

Following his training to run faster, Barry Allen ate a massive pile of burgers from the restaurant

Ap-TheFlash.png The Flash – "The Nuclear Man" (S01E13)[]